Techone Trading, Inc.

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Addison TX, 75001
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Mission Statement:

TechONE Trading provides the highest value in state of the art, leading edge memory and processor products available. We are committed to building a reputation based on quality products, around quality people and customer service unequaled in the memory industry. At TechONE we are focused on exceeding our customers' expectations through:

1. Predicting, analyzing and reacting to market trends so that we have the right memory at the right price when the customer needs it.

2. Continuing to gain market share from large corporate distributors and "grey market brokers" by providing a better product at a lower price.

3. Backing our products with a prompt, courteous service performed by people who care.

The TechONE Story

The philosophy of TechONE Trading Company was born when Greg Harper, President and CEO of the company, recognized the lack of true value in the memory broker market he excelled in throughout the 90's.

With so few distributors providing a consistent supply of memory from any manufacturer, a customer would have a "Cracker Jack" box of memory with each order. The customer never knew what he would be getting!

So, under Harper's direction, TechONE's alliance with PowerMem Assembly, the 5th largest 3rd party memory manufacturer in the nation, was born.

TechONE's business model was focused on the sophisticated P.C. reseller and corporate end user that wanted manufacturer quality memory modules at broker pricing.

Today, TechONE has built upon this philosophy and now offers complete memory upgrade solutions for virtually every P.C., Notebook, Server and Printer on the market. TechONE also offers new processors from Intel and AMD. Our passion and vision are still as strong and focused today as they were the day Harper put his dream in motion.

QUALITY products sold by QUALITY people.



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